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The ICEFREE telecommunications service offers an ice protection for all types of telecommunication equipment.

Easy to implement, ICEFREE telecommunications saves during winter the budget spent with the maintenance and repair of communication relays.  

By sealing the equipment with an ICEFREE solution transparent film, ice can no longer accumulate in worrisome amounts.

Ice is one of the most important problems of antennas. Ice accumulation not only increases the weight of the antenna but it also damages it, most of the time to the point when it is no longer usable.

Ice dielectric properties change the impedance and directivity of communication relays, blocking the emission - reception services for long periods of time.

Use the ICEFREE  ice protection services  and enjoy maximizing your investments!


  • How it works?

    ICEFREE weather stations provides a "Sol-Gel Technology" coating known under its chemical name of Nanotechnology.  

    The ICEFREE weather stations special properties make the contamination particles such as water or ice not to stick to underlayers and/or allow them to be removed easily by wind or by its own weight.

    Main characteristics

    Special ice protection properties, reunited for the first time in a single ICEFREE telecomunications service:

    • Protection against ice and snow deposit on telecommunication antenna poles and equipment installed on them
    • Anti-adhesion of polluting or toxic and corrosive substances
    • Ice protection layer highly resistant to scratching or damaging
    • Anti-corrosion
    • Non - toxic
    • Anti-grafitti protection


  • Benefits
    • ICEFREE telecomunications increases the accuracy of the information transmission system by protecting it from ice deposit
    • Reduces the ice deposits leading to the annual collapse of telecommunication antennas
    • Extends the life of telecommunication antennas
    • Saves time, money and logistics
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