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With a low implementation cost, ICEFREE ships service protects your ships during winter from ice deposit.

By sealing ships, yachts or barges with an ICEFREE solution transparent film, ice can no longer accumulate in worrisome amounts for their operation under good conditions.

Due to the constant contact with water, each winter ice deposits lead to the almost immediate ship damage. Damages lead to very expensive repairs each spring.

ICEFREE ships is an easily applied ecological service, which offers a long-term protection against ice deposit. The service provides a very thin and transparent layer of ice protection solution.

The resulted protective layer is very water-resistant and protects the covered surface against ice and corrosion.

Use the ICEFREE ice protection services  and enjoy maximizing your investments!


  • How it works?

    ICEFREE ships provides a "Sol-Gel Technology" coating known under its chemical name of Nanotechnology.  

    The ICEFREE ships special properties make the contamination particles such as water or ice not to stick to underlayers or/and allow easy removal by centrifugal force.

    Main Characteristics

    Special ice protection properties reunited for the first time in a unique ICEFREE ships  service:

    • Protection against ice and snow deposit on the entire ship surface
    • Anti-adhesion of polluting or toxic and corrosive substances which may have an impact on the
    • Ice protection layer highly resistant to scratching or damaging
    • Anti-corrosion
    • Non - toxic
    • Anti-grafitti protection


  • Benefits
    • ICEFREE ships extends the life of all equipment installed on ships by protecting them against ice
    • Reduces to zero the ice fall risk which can lead to accidents of ship crew and passengers
    • Allows any ship to be operated under good conditions during winter, without being hindered by ice
    • Saves time, money and logistics
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